• ATV Dune Buggy

    ATV Dune Buggy

    The ATV dune buggy can be used in many venue, whether it is flat ground or sand road, it can be used without restriction...

  • Happy Flying Fish Rides

    Happy Flying Fish Rides

    Happy swing chair rides is one of the most common flying rides at any carnival or fun fair. This chair swing rides is si...

  • Go kart car rides

    Go kart car rides

    Amusement park karting also called go kart or mini racing car by people is a kind of racing games for people in the amus...

  • Hygdric Carousel Ride

    Hygdric Carousel Ride

    Carousel is a classic ride, When the equipment starts the turntable of it rotates gradually, and the horses that connect...

  • Star Trek Ride

    Star Trek Ride

    Star Trek Ride is a new type of amusement equipment produced by Yueton Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.. The amusement equi...

  • Happy Swing Ride

    Happy Swing Ride

    The Happy Swing is the most classic swing sport. It combines the theme of the amusement park to produce a large swing wi...

  • Magic Ocean Turntable Rides

    Magic Ocean Turntable Rides

    Children roundabout magic turntable ride is a fair ground rides, this magic turntable rides inherit the fun and thrillin...

  • 16P carousel ride

    16P carousel ride

    Carousel merry go round is a popular amusement equipment that you can see in each amusement park, it can not be called a...

  • Bear Muisc Box Rides

    Bear Muisc Box Rides

    The rotating music box is a very beautiful appearance, exquisite glass fiber reinforced plastic painting process, can pl...

  • New design carousel ride

    New design carousel ride

    Products Parameter:Products Name:New design carousel rideProducts Model:YTW-C005Capacity:21pMaterial:FRP+Steel frameCove...

  • New Style Big Eyes Airplane

    New Style Big Eyes Airplane

    Big Eye Airplane Small Amusement Ride is composed of a cylindrical rotating assembly and four aircraft cockpit shape com...

  • Super Robot

    Super Robot

    This kids robot rides is and update luxury model, making improvement on the outside appearance and operation technics

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