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Amusement Equipment Octopus Rides

  • Amusement Equipment Octopus Rides

Name:Amusement Equipment Octopus Rides
Power:25kw, 380V
Cover Area:15m diameters

Product Description

Octopus rides is an rotation amusement equipment. General there is 5 arms on the rides and 3 cabins in each arms, each cabin can hold 2 players. So this rides can hold 30players at the same time.

When the rides running, players can shot the targets which are on the central octopus, the octopus will spry water column when players shotting the targets successfully.

Octopus rides is a thrilling and exciting amusement equipment that very popular in fun fair and festival occasions.

Zhengzhou Yueton Amusement Equipment Octopus Ride

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