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Elephant kids train-A

  • Elephant kids train-A

Name:Elephant kids train-A
Cover area:10x8m.

Product Description

Kids electric train set consists of a locomotive and four passenger carriages, can hold 14 to 20 children and adults, in addition, the mini train also can be equipped with simulated smoke steam spray device.

This device can be widely used in shopping malls or large shopping center, and recreational area, walking street, parks, playgrounds, community park, zoo, amusement parks, theme parks and other places used under the condition of the power battery capacity is more and more big now, no need the battery of orbit small train has become the first selection of many, many scenic spots.

Elephant kids train-A

Capacity: 14P, Power: 2.5KW,220V.Speed: 3.5rpm. 

Cover area: 10x8m.


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